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News - Time to Upgrade your Business Technology?

“Literally, over the weekend, our jobs have become more productive and a lot easier”

Business Technology

  • Avocor 65” 4K Interactive Display with InGlassTM Intelligent Touch
  • Built-in OPS-i5 (behind the screen)
  • 5 Year onsite warranty
  • Dell XPS-15
  • Dell XPS-13
  • UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge Monitor U2419H 60.4cm 23.8"
  • Dual Monitor Stands
  • Mixture of Apple iPad Pros, 11” 12.9”

Kieran from CDSM, a tech company that developed the Hwb alongside Welsh Government, have had a full office upgrade that improved productivity, efficiency, teamwork, and employee happiness. Find out why and how.

Kieran says:

“100% I recommend Comcen, a lot of that comes from the relationship and trust I have with my Account Manager Karen Kenny. But it is also down to the quality of service, quality of products, product information and product knowledge. I think they are the key things when dealing with a supplier and I rate Comcen very highly on all of those.”

Kieran CDSM

Why did you upgrade your office technology?

CDSM had to expand their technology to support growth. We needed to change our office space, and purchase new hardware. With the technology we're using, the architectural development programmes, they won't run on certain laptops, they haven't got the power to do it.

The better spec of technology that we chose through Comcen, the XPS machines and the new server improved productivity. You can see the difference, a lot quicker, enabling us to build things quicker, faster deployment, quicker testing. Literally, over the weekend, our jobs have become more productive and a lot easier.

New developers are definitely feeding back that the new DELL XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops enable the software to run faster so that they can build faster. I know some of the older laptops we had during new development stage we couldn't actually develop locally. Now we can build it all locally and check it quicker.

Everyone's happy taking their machine home, they are still able to use the technology when they are not in work. We also had the new iPad Pros from Comcen and people have been using them every day. It's just a lot easier, staff are sitting there annotating and drawing. Pen and paper has gone because they know they can quickly share it, rather than taking a photocopy and sending it. I've been using iPad Pro a lot because I am walking around, rather than trying to keep a notebook with all my notes. Now it is written, listed, done! It just makes it quicker and easier. And then you've got digital copy of it.

The screens are a hit, the laptops are a hit! Personally speaking, I love my double mounted monitor’s setup from Comcen.


How has this new technology improved teamwork and involvement?

With remote working, it’s definitely being able to screen share and annotate. The Avocor screens have been fantastic. We had a meeting on Tuesday with remote workers in Cardiff, normally our meeting would be on loudspeaker on a mobile phone, trying to screen share directly through a laptop, then delays in trying to capture all the feedback. Tuesday we did a meeting using the Avocor screen, one half showed a prototype the team are working on and the other half had our remote staff, so everyone could visually communicate quite easily.

They had the screen share going on as well, so the prototype was being live streamed, everyone was able to talk about it and annotate it. The OPS machine built into the Avocor screen enabled us to email directly through group chat rather than it being a case of ‘I'll circulate the notes later’. We can put them into Google Docs immediately. We can record the meeting as they happen, we can take annotations and share them quickly so just makes everything a lot easier.

I think they feel more productive because when you're on a phone you can feel disconnected. Now they feel part of the meeting because they were able to see into the meeting and what was happening, they can annotate and work collaboratively on documents. Everyone is happy which just makes things a lot easier.

The Avocor screen is going to keep adding more and more to what we can do as a team. We have only kind of scratched the surface. I know, they're really keen to start using the Windows Ink Annotation that we saw in the demo.

We are a lot more efficient, I think more productive as well. Colleagues are enjoying having meetings now too; they have become a lot more fun and exciting and we can be assured that everyone is able to get together at the same time. Everyone was excited to use the screens.

How have Comcen advised and guided you through your office upgrades?

Working with suppliers in the past they have potentially caused more problems than offered solutions.

Working with Comcen and Karen it's been solution, solution, solution. Really quick responses. Karen picks up the phone and calls me, rather than getting an email two or three days later. Karen also calls, not necessarily when I needed something but to check that everything is OK and whether there was any support that we needed.

This year the support we've had has been fantastic. Karen doesn’t try to sell us something to get rid of stock, she asks ‘what do you need?’ she works within your budget and then selects technology that is better quality.

Honesty as well, I think the whole relationship is based on honesty, for example, when there have been offers on elsewhere, Karen has said we can’t match that price, it’s a good offer. Now we trust Karen and Comcen as a supplier because we have had that honesty and feedback.

It's been a fantastic experience really from start to finish. Karen has listened to what we needed. She has helped us where she can but where we can't she's been honest. I think nine times out of 10, you know, we've had what we've needed.

Our guys look at tech all the time, they tell me if it’s a good price or not. I think even our bosses ordered from you for personal tech. It just builds that trust, when you've got a good supplier and you trust and know they are looking after your best interest. I will always go to Karen at Comcen because I know she’ll get us the best deal? I know, it will get done quickly as well. The speed of service has been phenomenal.

How is Comcens technical knowledge?

I've got to be honest, if Karen didn't already have a job with Comcen I would be asking her to work with us. I think the technical knowledge is underestimated; it’s not just sales. I think Karen is the first person that I have dealt with in a Sales context that has that technical knowledge. It’s not scripted, when you ask the technical questions Karen never has to come back to me. She knows the answers and gives you options and tells you the differences to enable you to make an informed decision. I consider myself quite well versed in the tech but Karen can tell you about different processes. And what is coming up, e.g. 10th Gen processors coming out next month. The technical knowledge is above and beyond. We have had the right tech for the right job and my guys would tell me if we got anything wrong but we haven’t.

Did you get enough training?

We had training with sales but I think we would be interested in getting some more training booked to ensure that we utilise the technology as much as possible. We want to get the best out of it. If you spend on the tech, you're going to get the best out of it.

Tell us about CDSM?

CDSM have been going about 20 years and we have moved from services to our own products. We are investing in our own learning platform and building our own content.

We built the HWB learning platform alongside the Welsh Government for all the schools in Wales. Hwb provides its users with access to a range of centrally-funded, bilingual, digital tools and resources. It is the Welsh Government’s strategic digital channel to support the delivery of the curriculum in Wales. Access to our learning and teaching resources is available to everyone. Hwb users have access to a range of centrally funded tools to help education practitioners create and share their own resources and assignments, a professional networking environment, Google for Education and Microsoft Office 365 for everyone.

We have a few corporate customers that we are delivering eLearning platforms and content for, such as, Mitsubishi. Going forward, the plan is to build the client base up a lot more public and private sector customers.

Getting a business technology upgrade was imperative for CDSM to grow. Comcen found us the best solutions for us and they would be our first port of call for future upgrades.

For information on business technology upgrades call Karen on 01792 515510 or email for advice and guidance.

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