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News - NPS Framework

2016 will see the launch of a new Comcen online store. Comcen's popular online ecommerce site is having a major facelift and there will be the addition of some great new features.

As Christine Madge - Ecommerce Manager explains we can expect to see some changes with the new look. "The new site will be more than just a cosmetic update we are adding in extra features to benefit all our customers. Such as repeat ordering, super users, reports, & order authorisation. One of the biggest changes is no pricing will appear on the site unless you login to see your exclusive prices. This is designed to ensure all our framework customers are seeing the correct prices.

We have listened to our customers and what they want and need so we can expect to see a better search function, and popular features such as our product finders will be expanded. Our aim is to have the new site online and in operation by Q2 2016, as we speak it is currently in beta testing".

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