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  Jun 2017
Don't be its next victim!

Network threats can come from anywhere, at any time, and they can take you down before you even know they're there.

Ransomware is an increasingly common method of attack for hackers against individuals, SMBs and Enterprises alike. While the first incidents of ransomware were discovered as early as 2005, the latest attack on the NHS have proven that complacency around network security can be ill afforded.

Make sure you are protected with WatchGuard Total Security - The most comprehensive portfolio of Secuirty services on the market.

The total amount of reported- damages from ransomware attacks in 2015 totalled $325 million.

In a one-month study over 68,000 computers were infected by ransomware. Thats's over 5,700 per day AND over 2 million per year.

With WatchGuard Total Security Suite, organisations of all sizes can now defend against advanced malware threats, including ransomware attacks. Total Secuirty Suite is the first UTM service offering that not only enables organisations of all sizes detect and remediate ransomware attacks, but actually prevent them as well.

Individually, each of these solutions can protect against a stage of a ransomware attacks. WebBlocker automatically denies users access to known malicious sites, and can also enables URL filtering which can block risky and inappropriate sites as well. With APT Blocker, users benefit from award-winning network sandboxing capabilities to detect suspicious threats, detonate them in a virtual environment, and stop the attack from executing on the network. Host Ransomware Prevention leverages behavioral analysis to specifically detect ransomware attacks, and prevent them before file encryption occurs.

WatchGuard's Total Secuirty Suite combines these advanced secuirty services to protect against ransomware providing the most comprehensive set of security services available in one offering available on the market today.

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