Backup Exec shields your business from data loss
SMBs and Mid-Market organizations are a growing target of ransomware, but we can help you stay secure
Today, SMBs and Mid-market organizations face a very real risk of getting hit with a ransomware attack. In fact, it is expected that by 2021 one organization will be hit by ransomware every 11 seconds.

Hopefully, you are already implementing best practices to avoid falling prey to malicious emails. But if the unthinkable did happen, how would you regain control of your data while ensuring business continuity?

Paying the ransom is not the right answer, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee you’ll regain access to your data, as is the unfortunate case for about half of those that do pay.

When it comes to Ransomware, the best defense is a good offense. Be proactive and have a recovery plan in place so that no matter the disruption—ransomware, natural disaster, or accidental data loss—you can quickly and securely restore all your data and ensure business continuity.

Not all backup solutions are flexible enough to meet these goals, but Veritas Backup Exec™ has you covered. Learn how we can help prevent data loss and simplify protection so you can protect your data and stay in control of your business.
Learn how you can stay in control of your business!
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