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News - Are you still running Windows 7?

Windows 7 goes end of service on the 14th January 2020. After that date, Windows 7 will no longer receive any updates from Microsoft and that could leave your business at risk. PCs running Windows 7 will become vulnerable to unpatched security risks within the operating system and the applications it runs, particularly Internet Explorer.

Around 50% of SMEs Small and Medium-sized Businesses are still running Windows 7. Karen Kenny is a Microsoft accredited salesperson who has been selling IT hardware and software for over 17 years at Comcen. We asked Karen for some advice.

What is the biggest issue?

I would say that security is the biggest issue because after 14th Jan 2020 Microsoft will stop the security updates. Windows 7 machines and devices will be left vulnerable to malicious attacks, malware, viruses and hackers. Windows 7 was developed over 10 years ago, so the security features are outdated for today’s security threats. The scary number is that almost 50% of UK businesses have been affected by cyberattacks.

Productivity is also an issue. Windows 7 would typically be run on devices that are 4-6 years old. These devices will cost you in productivity due to increased maintenance costs, limiting performance and wasting time.

How we work is changing, 50% more time is spent in collaborative activities and 37% of the global workforce is mobile. If your workforce is to work remotely then you would need that security to support it.

Should you be hacked and lose all your data then you risk massive fines for not being GDPR compliant. Browsing on the internet with Windows 7 will also be open to hackers. This could also mean that big companies will not work with you.

You could also fail an Audit should you not be compliant to security and server updates.

If you are running Windows 7 then give Karen a call on 01792 515510 for advice and guidance.

Time is running out for Windows7

What are the solutions?

Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

Everyone has a different scenario and we are dedicated to finding the best solution for you.

Some businesses may have numerous machines to upgrade where we could look at Volume Licencing.

We could look at the age and specification of your machines. It may be more cost-effective to upgrade your PCs to new Windows 10 devices.

You could purchase Windows 10 Pro as an upgrade from 64-bit Windows 8; upgrading the memory of your devices and purchasing new SSD drives.

Additionally, there is a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro if you buy Microsoft 365 Business.

This is brilliant for small businesses because you don’t need a volume licence agreement with Microsoft or other partners.

What does Windows 10 Pro have to offer?

Windows 10 Pro on Modern Devices is the most secure ever with connectivity and privacy tools Windows Hello which requires specialised hardware, such as, fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor, or other biometric sensors depending on the authentication enabled.

You will have new software such as built-in anti-malware tool Windows Defender to protect computers from viruses, spyware and other forms of malware.

BitLocker protects a computer's file system by encrypting disk drives and their contents so that others cannot see your files even if the computer had been stolen.

BitLocker To Go extends BitLocker abilities to removable storage devices such as USBs protecting your data remotely. Which is what we all need for 21st Century business.

For more information call Karen on 01792 515510 or email for advice and guidance.

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